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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ribbon Shares are now available.......Be Quick!!!!! Limited Spots available

Hey Groovers.....sorry it has been a bit long weekend wasn't as lovely as I had hoped it would needless to say I have been battling to catch up and get ahead with everything....but onward and up we say.

Today is just a quick catch up to let you know I have some fun things coming up.
If you haven't already done so and you are wanting a catalogue sent out to you please either send me and email or comment down below so I can get one to you ASAP!!!
After all you can't very well make a wish list without one.

If you find yourself falling in love with all the lovely ribbons that Stampin Up! has to offer but don't want to buy 9.1 metres of it....never fear I am going to be starting up ribbon shares.

What's a ribbon share?
A ribbon share is exactly pay for a share of all the ribbons in one for example I might offer 1.5m of each colour in a certain type of ribbon for $X.XX....and that is exactly what you will get....and it will save you having to buy a whole reel if you don't think you will use it all.
It's also a great way to test run the ribbon won't be a waste if it isn't as beautiful as you 1st thought.

Here are the beautiful ribbons that will be on offer:

Dotted Lace Trim (5 colours)
1/4" Cotton Ribbon (12 colours)

1/2" Seam Binding (7 colours)

Now to get involved with the on the tab (Ribbon Shares) at the top of the page and this will show you exactly what you need to know.  From there you can either PM me on Facebook or you can email me and let me know which share/s you are wanting to join in on.

Remember there are limited spots available in each share, so you need to get in quick or you may miss out.  Please feel free to share this with you friends as well.....if there are enough people we can start a whole new group.....

I am also planning a few other different shares in the be sure to stay tuned.

Thanks again for joining in the fun.....don't forget to sign up for the email alerts.....and please leave a comment so I know people are actually seeing this......and feel free to SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!

'Til next time groovers.....

Vicki xxxxx

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