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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Have you got your New Year all planned out.

Happy Sunday....hope you are all surviving the crazy weather that is
happening all over the world.

I have been spending the day getting my planner sorted for the next couple of
weeks......I can be so unorganised at times, but with my current challenge
#30cardseverymonth  I need to be super organised so now I have everyone's
birthdays and other important dates all written up and ready to go.

For the last 6 months or so I have been using the beautiful
"Love Today Planner Kit" (144257) from Stampin' Up!®.

As you can see from the photos.....there is plenty of space to jot down your notes
and you also get some gorgeous sticker sheets to decorate your planner and the
pages as well.  You will also get a couple of little packs of sticky notes to
help you keep everything in order.  The other great thing about the planner
is that you can also get a refill kit so you can keep the planner from year to year.

If you order one of these planners for yourself by the end of the month and use this code


I will send you a pack of the Stampin' Up!® Journalling Pens as a little Thank you
from me.....but you must remember to use the code so I can see that you bought a 
planner and then you won't miss out.

Now if you happen to spend over $90 you will also receive a FREE item from

Don't forget to grab yourself one of the Refill Packs to get you organised for
months and months to come.

Happy Planning.....See you next tomorrow.

Vicki xxx

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