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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Stampin' Dreams Blog Hop - January Theme - 3 styles of stamping...Beginner, Casual and Avid

Hello Hello and Welcome to another year of the Stampin' Dreams
Blog Hops....there are some interesting themes coming your way this year
and I sure hope you enjoy hopping along with us.

This year sees some changes for the SDBH team.....the wonderful originator of
SDBH - Jessie Holton has decided to step down as the Adminstrator to pursuit
other avenues with her business....this of course meant that somebody had to
take hold of the reins so that is great adventure could keep going......
Well of course I said YES!!! 
 I can't wait to see what excitement this year will bring.
On that note I have to send out a MASSIVE Thank You to Jessie for having the
faith and trust in me to let me take over from you xxxx  Thank you for everything
you have done to stop this great blog hop and I sure hope I can continue your
greatness.'s January and our first Hop for the I decided to set everyone a bit of
an interesting challenge....and boy it has been fun.

Stampin' Up shared with us the 3 levels of stamping and our challenge is based on
that....Here are my creations:

The 3 levels of stamping are Beginner, Casual and Avid.

Beginner  - someone very new to stamping and wants to try something
simple and easy.

Casual - someone who has played with stamps in the past and is still adverturing and 
trying new things.

Avid - this stamper knows how to play and loves stepping it up to the next level everytime...
They are also commonly known as the Collector....they love buying and having pretty
new stamps and papers.....Yes this is me!!!  LOL

So as you can see in the picture above.....from left to right we have - 
Beginner - Casual - Avid.

I stuck with the same for all the cards I just amped it up a little for each card.

So which one are you??  Let me know below....Perhaps you have never made 
cards before and are now thinking it's something you might like to try...
Give me a call.....I would love to help you get started.

Be sure to check out all the other wonderful ideas by clicking on the names
below and I am sure you will find some inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by

Happy Hoppin'

Vicki xxx

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