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Monday, 17 October 2016

GDP057 Colour Challenge - Wonderous Wreath

Hello and Thank you for checking out my blog today..

I am so pleased to share a challenge with you.....something I haven't 
really had time to do for a very long time.

This challenge was certainly a fun one.....You have to love a colour 

and here is the link:

I liked doing this challenge as these are 3 colours I wouldn't normally 
consider putting together....let alone on a Christmas card.  So I figured
it's a challenge right??  Time to challenge yourself....and here is what I came
up with:

I decided to pull out an old favourite of mine......Wonderous Wreath
It is such a great stamp set....poor thing is so stained and well used
but it never lets me down.

To create the effect on the wreath I used the baby wipe "Make your own Stamp
Pad" technique....if you have not seen it done let me know and I will send you
some instructions.  It's really easy and is great fun.

Be sure to take a look around at the link above as you will see many wonderful
designs made using the same colour combination.  Maybe you could even join in....
it's a great way to get the Mojo going.

Keep an eye out for more of my creations as I have managed to enter into
a few challenges this week....and I have to say it feels great.

Keep on Stampin'

Vicki xxx

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